Scootlife Was Established In 2005

To Cater For The Needs Of You

The Scooterist

Martin Taff Evans

Martin Taff Evans

Scootlife Owner

I pride myselelf in a personal & friendly approach to customers as well as an understanding of your needs.

Do You Require A Part?

Most shops tell you the customer one week, month or tomorrow, which usually means the end of the month, which is when most shops place a bulk order.

Here at Scootlife we strive to get the part within a day or two dependent on supplier dispatch times.

Scootlife deals with the largest suppliers in the UK & Europe as well as local companies for spraying, powder coating, plating etc.

So drop your scooter off with us & let Scootlife worry about everything.

We never go ahead with anything without first informing you the customer.


After all it’s your hard earned cash that pays for it.

From New Scooters To Used Scooters, Parts, Accessories, Helmets, Clothing, Whatever You Require


Scootlife Is The Only Place To Go


So come down & have a look around, you’re under no obligation & we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Check Out Our Customers Testimonials Further Down The Page

Know Your Rights

“What if you’re involved in an accident?”

“Don’t let your insurer bully you into using their repairer!”

Always Remember

As per the Vehicle Body Repairers Association:

“It’s your vehicle and your choice where you want to have it repaired. The Office of Fair Trading, Association of British Insurers & Financial Services Authority all agree that it’s YOUR right to choose who repairs your vehicle.”

Scootlife Accident Management

If an accident is NOT your fault you do not have to use your own insurance company.

Scootlife will replace your helmet and kit as well as provide a suitable hire scooter / motorcycle, delovered when & where you need it.

Importantly you can have your scooter repaired at Scootlife.

In the most extreme cases, if your scooter is deemed a write-off, you will receive a cheque for the scooters pre-accident value, you will also have the option to keep the scooter.

Scootlife specialises in all aspects of scooter accidents from start to finish by removing the hassle & inconvenieince of constant telephone calls with your insurer & third parties.

Don’t forget if the accident is NOT your fault, you DO NOT have to use your insurance company.

Insurers have their own interests at heart.

As A Customer You


  • Need only one estimate.
  • Choose where your repairs are carried out.
  • Are entitled by law to a suitable replacment vehicle (subject to conditions).
  • Are entitled to reimbursement of any fiancncial loss.


Call Scootlife on 07918025928 for immediate advice and assistance.

Here Are Some Helpful Hints If You’ve Been Involved In An Accident Thats Not Your Fault

  • Stop at the scene if you think the accident has caused injuries, damage to vehicles or property.
  • Call 999 or 112 immediately if anybody is injured or the accident is causing a hazard.
  • Take pictures (if you are able) of the scene before any vehicles are moved.
  • Stay calm & don’t lose your temper.
  • Get details from ALL parties involves including any witnesses.

Call Scootlife On 07918 025928

And We Can Arrange The Following To Assist You


  • Recovery of your vehicle from either the accident scene or from a compound if it has been removed by the Police / Private Contactor.
  • Speedy repair or storage of your scooter.
  • 100% compensation for YOU ……… FAST!
  • Like for like hire scooter . bike.
  • Like for like helmet & kit.
  • Hire scotter / bike delivered to you within 24hrs of authorisation.
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Customer Testimonials

Since buying my scooter last year Taff has always been there to offer advice. When things have gone wrong he has been on it straight away. He does a top notch job at great prices and does the work when needed very quickly to get you back up and running as quick as possible. He will go ou tof his way to make sure.

I would be lost without him the knowledge of this guy. A great littel business and a sound guy who always makes me feel welcome when I nip in. Excellent customer service and quality work every time.

5 Star rating from me.

Chris Townsend

Scootlife was Recommended to me by a work friend. Came to see Taff with what I thought was a puncture, turned out to be worse! Taff sorted everything from start to finish and got me back on the road quickly! He even went above and beyond to fix a few other problems I’ve been meaning to get sorted for months! Excellent quality Service.

Would Highly Recommend! Thanks again Taff!

Matt Burdaky

I have been using Scootlife for many years now for all my scootering needs, Taff always has a smile on his face is very friendly and always up for a chat.
He is somebody who lives for scootering and his knowledge is second to none on Vespa, Lambretta or LML Scooters.His work is carried out to a very high standard and at reasonable prices

If you have an issue, I would highly recomend him. Over the years I have also brought a number of helmets and clothing, If he hasn’t got it Taff will go that extra mile to get it for you.

Mark Apter

Popped in by chance as I was back up North,really friendly service Taff was a top bloke to chat to. I’ll be sure to swing by next time I’m home. Adam Murphy

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