Sym Crox 125

Urban Attitude With Bite

Want a scooter that goes well, looks great, has great reliability & doesn’t break the bank? Want all that with a little extra Bite? Then CROX should be top of the list.
SYM has taken all the years of experience garnered from developing & refining the JET 4, and folded its best qualities into a package of fun. This was the inspiration that took CROX from Drawing board to Driveway.

As with our other models, SYM utilises an ultra reliable SOHC 4 stroke engine that has proven itself in our other best-selling scooters, this beats at the heart of CROX, carried by a tubular steel frame that ensures a stable predictable ride, surrounded by moto cross inspired bodywork. SYM have created a compact, sporty looking scooter that can back itself when asked, make your trip or your leisure time fly by and leave you wanting more.

All this is supported by a confidence strong enough to put a 5 year warranty on all our products over 110cc, no other brand gets close, we’ve put our Money where our Mouth is. Get on Board with SYM, it’s where you deserve to be.

125cc RRP £1999 plus OTR fees

Multi function coloured instrument panel with 16 customisable options.

125cc air cooled fuel injected engine, latest Euro 4 emissions compliant.

Large, powerful combined braking system for stopping power in all conditions.

A combination of LED projector position light and traditional halogen main headlight gives great visibility in all conditions.

Sym Cruisym 300

Multifunctional Crossover Maxi Scooter

CRUiSYM integrates ultimate urban capability with stunning sporty aesthetics which combined with serious touring aspirations creates a multifunctional crossover maxi scooter that is a notified game changer.

Uprated suspension and wheels enhance handling, stability & safety when riding on any road surface. Full ABS system provides unrivalled stopping power in its class.

Adjustable windscreen, glove box with 12V charger & USB socket, 40-42 degree footboard improving rider comfort during a long trip , and storage space for two full-face helmets, all these features are designed with the customer in mind to maximise comfort without lessening the ride experience.

This scooter is available in a choice of colours

RRP £4999 plus OTR fees

Powerful halogen projector headlight units with ultra bright LED running lights

260mm ABS equipped 4 piston braking system provides ultimate stopping power with stability

Multi functional USB connectivity for todays riders requirements

Ultra clean, crisp and informative instrument panel, gives great visibility in all conditions

Sym Fiddle III

The Perfect Companion For The Road

Introducing the updated and improved Fiddle III. Alongside the awesome, deeper finish, Two Tone colour schemes, there have been some really clever and aesthetically pleasing additions and changes.

Smooth, clean styling reminiscent of the ‘golden era’ look with ‘Venting’ on the rear body, the addition of a Glove Box, a lower, flatter seat height, more power using a new Electronically Controlled Carb, larger Fuel Tank to improve range & LED running lights incorporated into the front indicator units. A real stand out head turner.

This scooter is available in a choice of colours and engine sizes

50cc model RRP £1799 plus OTR fees

125cc model RRP £2199 plus OTR fees

200cc model RRP £2699 plus OTR fees

Traditional halogen lamp with retro themed styling

Digital instrumentation combined with analogue meter

Latest Euro 4 emission compliant exhaust system

Combined disc braking system provides safety under pressure

Sym Jet 14

The Next Level

The newest edition to the Jet family is the big brother to them all. As with most big brothers you aspire to be them.

Strong build quality, stability provided by larger 14 inch wheels, and good looks that compliment an impressive physique.

All new for 2017, designed from the ground up to be fully Euro 4 compliant, with features includeing an ecomonical fuel injection system, and a combined disk braking system, providing more than enough stopping power for any situation. An all new chassis feels nimble, yet provides a real sure footed core.

The Jet 14 takes scooter commuting/leisure to the next level.

This scooter is available in a choice of colours

RRP £2399 plus OTR fees

Spacious under seat storage space

Halogen and LED combination lighting gives crisp clear illumination in all conditions

Increased storage capacity and an incidental apparell securement system

Air cooled 125cc fuel injection engine for clean, capable performance

Sym Jet 4

Solid, Dependable, Trend Setter

JET 4 has been the undisputed king of its particular hill for years, a sporty soul inhabits the stylish exterior that has seen its competitors come and go with a fraction of the JETS success.

Starting with an engine that in many variations has sold in the millions, ultra-reliable and more than capable of anything asked of it. For 2017 there has been the introduction of highly economical Fuel Injection to help those conscious of cost feel the true value of its 125cc Single Cylinder 4 stroke engine.

JET 4 has been getting people to where they need to go without fuss and with a smile more successfully than just about any other scooter for the best part of a decade and continues to be the popular choice for many returning customers and first time riders alike.

This scooter is available in a choice of colours

125cc RRP £1999 plus OTR fees

Combined analogue and digital multi function instrument panel

Efficient, reliable combined disc braking system

Wide dispersion twin halogen headlamps

Large integrated stop / tail and indicator rear lamp set

Sym Joymax

Refined Performance

Since it’s release the JOYMAX family has helped re-define what is expected from a Maxi style scooter. Comfort being the first concern for many, the decision to become a JOYMAX owner is made in the mind soon after riders of any size first takes to the saddle on a JOYMAX.

Here they have discovered the unparalleled ergonomic fit which will be the base for many future adventures. Once the comfort sinks in then the focus will shift to Specification and build quality.

Efficient fuel Injection coupled with a smooth Liquid cooled Engine, effortlessly moves you away from the kerb and into your journey, utilising the intuitive Constant Variable Transmission to glide you through the traffic or sweeping lanes alike, powerful brakes with CBS gets you to a halt quickly without drama if & when required.

LED technology lighting combined with proven halogen main beams ensures you are seen as well as seeing what the road ahead holds in all conditions, spacious storage areas gives the JOYMAX the flexibility to take on more than just the quick dash here or there, it opens the possibilities for exploring past the commute.

The build quality of JOYMAX is evident to the eye, purposeful CAD aided design meets an inspired, uncompromised focus on finish like no other manufacturer, sleek lines hint at the performance under the skin & lend quiet attitude to a no nonsense road presence that’s hard to ignore or overlook.

All this is supported by a confidence strong enough to put a 5 year warranty on all our products over 110cc, no other brand gets close, we’ve put our Money where our Mouth is.
Get on Board with SYM, it’s where you deserve to be.

This scooter is available in a choice of specifications and colours

Joymax 125i RRP £4499 plus OTR fees

Joymax 125i Sport RRP £4499 plus OTR fees

Joymax 300i ABS RRP £4999 plus OTR fees

Combined halogen main beam and LED running lights

Integrated mirror / LED indicators

Piercing multi LED rear lighting

Multi function quad dial meter set

Maxsym 600i ABS

Ultimate Commuting With Power & Comfort

A perfect collaboration of extraordinary engine power and stunning design.

With SYM, it’s all about the perfect technique. The Maxsym 600i ABS is equipped with a 565 cc single cylinder engine thumping out 45 hp and a torque of 39.2 Nm. The MAXSYM couples a low weight to a bicycle section geared to maneuverability.

Quality and style are historically acclaimed at SYM. That’s why the brand has developed a scooter that offers high performance in terms of design, comfort, safety and ability. The dual projection headlights and the LED rear lights radiate attitude and safety at the same time. The comprehensive digital dashboard gives you clarity of information aiding concentration whilst out on the highways.

MAXSYM impresses with numerous comfort enhancing elements: the ergonomic set up of the scooter and the crafted saddle are extremely suitable for long distances. The backrest of the rider is adjustable, and the passenger’s seating is also enhanced by a backrest. In addition, the wide bars and the folding passenger footrests make the experience that much easier for all.
Alongside the comfort MAXSYM is luxurious and generously equipped: large storage space where 2 full face helmets can be accomodated, immobilizer system for protection against theft, electric saddle lock, USB and 12V connection.

Finally, the Maxsym 600i is equipped with an efficient ABS brake system, with the 275mm coupled disc brakes both in the front and rear of your vehicle, in the worst weather conditions, this ensures high levels of stability and control over the vehicle.

The Maxsym 600i is the epitome of SYM’s workmanship and the pioneering role played by the manufacturer in technology led design, the core values of SYM are intrinsically linked to its products and since its launch, MAXSYM has attracted attention in all major markets and created a buzz in the scooter industry for all the right reasons.

SYM is committed to the belief that there is always room for improvement in order to further optimize the driving experience of our users.

This scooter is available in a choice of colours

RRP £6699 plus OTR fees

Large protective windshield for increased rider comfort

Euro 4 conforming emissions

Spacious King & Queen embroidered saddle

Powerful dual disc ABS braking


Large Wheels, Big Ambition

The ST in Symphony ST stands for Street and Style. With its stylish crafted design, the Symphony ST takes City Commuters where they need to go in style and comfort, thanks in part to the large 16 inch wheels, provides stability on the commute with inconsistant road conditions, patchy surfaces alongside unpredictable traffic, todays commuter has to have their wits about them, ST is up to the task.

Efficient, quiet, capable fuel injected engines sat inside a stable, strong chassis featuring a combined braking system , the 792mm seat height helps with vision as well as handling.The led-headlamp and rear lights give the Symphony ST great visibility in all conditions to other road users giving that extra confidence to the rider. 

The model also has plenty of other convenient features to lift your rider experience to a higher level: spacious under seat & front storage compartments, USB charging port, folding footsteps and 7.5 litre fuel tank for an impressive range of over 100 MPG.

Due to the quality and capability of the ST it is fast becoming a favourite for the conscientous fleet manager. Reliability, frugality, capability alongside a stunning aesthetic that adds a feeling of quality which reflects a good impression to the client that this business has standards to be relied upon.

This scooter is available in a choice of specifications and colours

Symphony SR125 RRP £2299 plus OTR fees

Symphony ST125 RRP £2399 plus OTR fees

Symphony SR200 RRP £2699 plus OTR fees

Clean, clear modern instrumentation

Front storage compartment featuring USB charger

Large multi LED high visability rear light module

LED running lights integrated with high visibility indicators


SYMPLY where a Proper Noun becomes a real Adjective

Symply just does it all… well just Simply.

A no-fuss approach to making a solid dependable scooter from the people who do it just that bit better.

SYMPLY shares the same engine and transmissions as the best-selling JET & rugged trendsetting CROX models but leaves the attitude & audacity to its stablemates, instead SYMPLY prefers to be understated in achieving its objectives, delivering a solid reliable journey to the rider who values great build quality, solid performance and exceptional economy.

For 2017 SYM incorporated Fuel Injection to further improve the already impressive smooth power delivery & economy of 100+mpg and a Combined Braking System to help bring extra stability when you most need it in trying conditions.

Under seat storage enough for a full face helmet, when nipping out for essentials gives a little more flexibility alongside the standard rear rack for those impulse buys whilst about town doing a little window shopping with Coffee.

If you want capability, accessibility, frugality & reliability SYMPLY is a logical choice with 5 years warranty as standard it should also be a simple choice.

This scooter is available in a choice of specifications and colours

50cc model costs £1299 plus OTR fees

125cc model costs £1999 plus OTR fees

Compact, clean, clear instrument panel

Euro 4 cleaner emissions ans top end eocnomy figures

Spacious under seat storage area

High visibility rear LED light cluster

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